The Best Skincare Products for Sensitive Skin

having sensitive skin is no joke. If you suffer from this condition, by now you have already had countless flares, with redness, burning sensation, itching, and many other delightful symptoms such as these. Therefore, when it comes to choosing a routine for your skin, it’s never really easy. So, let us guide you through some of our best skincare products for sensitive skin. We’ll tell you all about them, why we recommend them and how you can get them. We have a selection of dermatologist-recommended products for sensitive skin, as well as natural products, vegan and French pharmacy. Just choose what suits you and your needs.

Skincare tips for people with sensitive skin

First of all, here are some things that might come useful if you’re dealing with choosing and using skincare products on your sensitive skin: 1. Never try more than one new product at a time; 2. Always patch-test a new product – this means applying a new product on a localized area before going all-in; 3. Minimize the interaction with the skin – thus choose products that require minimum massage and removal; 4. Keep your routine simple and with a few effective products; 5. Maximum efficacy is rarely achievable in sensitive skin, therefore you’re going for effective but something that your skin can tolerate; 6. Reduce heat – use tepid water when showering, avoid sun exposure and keep spicy foods at bay; 7. If you have a flare, take several steps back to the basics that you know work.

The best skincare products for sensitive skin

Bioderma Matricum has long been a winner when it comes to sensitive skin. With over 70 published studies, this regenerating cocktail is the perfect solution for when you want both anti-aging and soothing actions. It’s never to find the perfect serum for sensitive skin. However, this one works even for people with rosacea, so you know it’s really good. Use it daily to ensure your skin starts showing fewer signs of sensitivity such as redness. Best Moisturizer for Very Sensitive Skin

Oldie but definitely still goodie. This moisturizer from Avène has long been a favorite with people who have extremely reactive or sensitive skin. Use it daily or as an SOS to ensure your skin barrier is protected and recovers from aggressions. Best Natural Product for Sensitive Skin

This is a simple formula, but those who use it swear by it! With chamomile-derived azulene, this instantly soothes the skin. Use it after shaving, or daily as a way to prevent redness from appearing or to soothe the skin. Best Soothing Anti-Aging

Finding a good anti-aging product for sensitive skin is probably the riskiest thing you’ll do regarding your skincare routine. However, do not fret, we have the perfect answer. This Sensi System cream has a super light formula that both soothes the skin and protects from premature signs of aging.

Best for Oily Sensitive Skin

Blemishes and sensitive skin are a match made in hell. The main problem is that most actives that fight spots are extremely active and immediately disrupt sensitive skin. However, worry not, as Bioderma has made a formula entirely with this in mind. Therefore, this cream can soothe the skin and take care of blemishes at the same time.
Best for Dark Spots on Sensitive Skin
Dark spots and hyperpigmentation usually come with the same problem as blemishes: the treatments available are usually extremely active. However, tranexamic acid has been shown to work on (and even help) people who also suffer from redness. So if you have both dark spots and sensitivity, this one is definitely for you.

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